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Manufacturer News & Status : most recent Info. 

01/04/2007 Plasma LCD DLP race is on!  Plasma is bright, LCD is a little more
reliable and DLP projection and LCD projection  lamp technology is the most popular.
All manufactures are experiencing, cutbacks in support for every deptment.
Technical problems: The new buzz word is "firmware". New sets are more
computer orientated, firmware or operating software is now a service issue.

11/02/2006 We used to go look. Now we pre-screen all service calls and TRY to
diagnose as much technically as possible before we come to you house.

08/2006 Paper service manuals are down to Sony and what ever I can print from
an internet download. Joy! Just added to more "front time" on each repair.

09/01/2005  All vehicles / tech's now have GPS (global position system)  Mobile
computers with service manuals loaded as needed. This solved the service
manual problem for the manufacturer's that no longer provide or sell service information
We are required to log-in , download, make an electronic copy, then print,
and  bind their service information.

01/10/2005  Sony has decided to issue paper service manuals as needed.
This will delay only warranty service calls by 2 days.
Ross has Service Manuals in stock For ALL models prior to 2005.

09/11/04 Time flies. LCD / DLP  Projection sets are now 3rd generation.
Less Lamp failures.....2005 models likely to be sealed from airborne

05/05/2004 Plasma HOME service has demonstrated a need for
2 tech's required for a home service calls due to product placement and weight.

07/10/04 No Picture........LCD OR DLP lamp out?...
Its NOT just a Lamp but also a Lamp driver circuit that must be modified.
We have the knowledge and all parts to do it on site....

03/12/04 Three new technology's are available. DLP , LCD,  LCD Projection
Units utilize a projector high power LAMP that runs very hot, which requires
multiple fans to cool them. Air contamination is now a problem. (Smoke eater
effect) due to air borne contaminants. Smoke, and fireplaces are the cause.

11/27/03 Help us help you.. Model#, Serial # and date the unit was made,
(mfg Date) located on a label on the rear of every Television. Every model
is now unique and requires special training . We want the right tech out to
 you the first call with the right factory service information.

11/27/03  Here come the Plasma Thin Line Televisions!  And here comes
the next generation of large screen problems.....They run very warm...some
models have up to five (5) fans to keep them cool....a problem in a small
room in the summer....one customer had to ADD air conditioning...
another factor is screen life...the heart of the plasma unit. The factory has
told us that in constant use, as in airports, a life expectancy of 1 year is
to be expected. Units are just now being sold in numbers and additional
info will be posted as it made available to us.

07/02/03 Watch the brand. Some no name  sets have no warranty service
or worse, a ill staffed parts department. Repairs could take unreasonably
 long. AND watch that purchase ON_LINE. Manufacturers will not honor
 warranty for units sold by NON-Authorized Dealers.
 We are factory authorized service if you need us.

11/27/02 Just a reminder on on estimate policy:
It has come to our attention and we want to bring to your attention, in advance,
that we are experiencing unique failures to non-specific models and brands.
Fortunately, 98 out of 100 repairs are performed with no problems.
We are offering our 35 yrs experience to solve your service problem's.
We prepare a written estimate on apparent damage.
We  do not assume to know if additional damage has occurred.
Intermittent problems, (problems that come and go) are very difficult to diagnose.
Therefore, there is a risk in some repairs.  We do not assume that risk. but will
provide a written estimate, before any repairs are done,  based on what we
diagnose at that time. Please note: there may be additional damage
and in rare cases, damage to the point that the unit is uneconomical to repair
or uneconomical to proceed from a labor (time spent) prospective.
Unusual failures or multi-component failures will be noted on mailed estimates.

07/03/02  In an effort to keep customers interested, manufacturers have taken the
customer to larger and larger TV's.  Prices are lower,  quality is better, but Size Matters.
          Designer cabinets and hanging TV's have become an access problem.
                                       One man can not lift a 30 in or larger TV.
We still send ONE technician on an initial service call, unless otherwise instructed.
You must :    Advise OUR service department in advance if access is a problem.

If we come out and unit is not does not have complete access ...meaning that ....
Ross is required  to lower...lift ... or...remove it from a cabinet
 ...it is another service call with two men.    If you can help...you save labor money.

10/10/01 Major Sony  policy change. Sony customer service will  no longer offer 'liberal'
 customer accommodations and extensions of warranty.   Sony  now  wants customer 
to present a Bill of Sale,  and verify  model , serial and date unit manufactured info,
 before home service is performed. (This only effects warranty repairs that Sony is
 paying for. ( warranty service)

Most Manufacturers have chosen to 'cut back costs' on services for 'technical support'
of their products. The biggest concern to you the customer is the move towards the
elimination of printed service literature, which is a  circuit map that includes part numbers
 and alignment specs for your unit. A printed schematic/manual is absolutely essential in
diagnosing and adjusting any technical device.  Without service material,  we would appear
incompetent.  We feel, It is the obligation of all manufacturer's to provide basic service tools
 that have always been an industry standard. As it stands at this time..........

05/01/2001 Hitachi has refused to provide ANY printed documentation for any of their
NEW products. Ross will not service any 2001 model units unit, until printed schematics
 are available.  (Manuals are in our possession for all previous years and service will
continue on all other model years.)

03/05/2001 Toshiba has ceased their Toshiba technical support center!  NO COMMUNICATION.

 02/15/2001 Toshiba closing factory parts depot!  Forcing all service centers to other sources.

08/01/2000 Toshiba announced no service manuals will be issued on paper.   Add 7 days
(minimum)  2000 model unit  set repairs.

05/01/2001 Sony has changed their minds! ...........and will again print schematics . Great news.
 But with good news comes some bad news......2001 model VCR'S will no longer be serviceable,
 only exchanged for new units.

12/05/2000 Sony chooses to discontinue paper service manual subscriptions. Expect delay's for
 any warranty repairs.

11/10/2000  Mitsubishi  tech support has ceased to be effective. Technical communication has
 been reduced to un-answered or useless reply's to our faxes and  consent busy signals when
requesting on-site service help for OUR technicians.

11/10/2000 Sony revises their tech support policies with authorized  service centers. Promises
 to provide on-site tech support  with technician at home! Great news for customer and Servicer.

05/00 Hitachi has chosen Ross Factory Service as a Premier Servicer for their products.
GREAT.....but with this announcement comes the news that HITACHI will NO longer provide
 written service manuals.  Expected delay to service of additional 4-7 days plus part order delays.

05/01/00 Mitsubishi announced 'VCR's no longer  eligible for WARRANTY SERVICE ". 
Selling dealer must exchange VCR'S if fails under WARRANTY.  

10/00  Sony at Your Service: (SAYS) 1st Year owned customers to receive expedited parts
 delivery and special attention. 

 4/01/00  Mitsubishi TV Tech Support team short handed which is effecting communication
with factory tech representative while on site. Delay from 1 to 3 days in factory responses
no longer available. Specific models affected too numerous to list.

02/10/00 Magnavox-Phillips announced plans to discontinue VCR parts and SERVICE
 MANUALS for current models sold.  VCR'S sold as of 02/01/00 will we returned for exchange
 by the DEALER where purchased. Also note:  Sylvania Name sold to a foreign concern.

07/09/99  We must have the model#, Serial# and date the unit was made, (mfg Date) located
on a label on the rear of every Television.
Every model is now unique and requires special training .


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